Weekly Shiurim

hosted by members of the community

Shabbat Dinners
Care Home & Hospital Visits 
Chicken Soup for the Soul
hot meals delivered to the elderly or disabled

6-Week Courses from Rohr Jewish Learning Institute
Mezuzah and Tefillin Service
Bat Mitzvah Classes
Whether it's traditional Jewish food, Torah talk, or Esther's latest art fad -you'll find it all at Chabad of Southgate. Drop us a line and join Rabbi Hirshel, Esther, and Shterni Kesselman for Shabbat or the holidays!

Creative space:

Under Construction!

Currently under construction, Creative Space is set to be a wheelchair-accessible oasis for Jews of all backgrounds to come and explore their artistic abilities, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

Nestled among the apple trees and plum trees in the garden at Chabad of Southgate lies The Creative Space. With full-length windows to appreciate the scenery and let your creative juices flow, the Space is much more than a converted garage.

Construction is set to be completed in Autumn 2019. Donate now and be a part of it!


Featuring: 3D printing | watercolor painting | encaustic art | quilling | silk painting and much more! 

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